Show idea - Two planes one transmitter


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Does anyone remember the classic 16-bit game Micro Machines 3?

It had a feature where two players could share a controller to enable four player action with only two controllers. One player would drive their vehicle using one side of the controller via the D-pad, and the other theirs via the buttons on the other side.

How about an episode where two folks share a transmitter to control two planes simultaneously, which should make for interesting combat and a merry dance as the pilots fight for the best view of the skies.


Would need three channel planes (wings being ideal), with one gimbal & pot controlling one plane and likewise for the other ...with gimbals operated at 90 degrees from normal so the pilots are effectively facing each other).
One plane's receiver would be taking signal from the transmitter's internal transceiver, the other via an external JR-module TX (crossfire, R9, EzUHF, etc)
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Actually, with modern gear it would be really easy. Start with 2 each basic 3 channel planes. Use a stock Spektrum TX with a Spektrum RX in both. Bind both RX to the one TX on the same model, which is no problem. Plug the ESC and servos for one plane into the RX channels 1-3, and plug the ESC and servos for the 2nd plane int the RX channels for 4-6. Now program the TX so the left stick and slider controls channels 1-3, and the right stick and right slider controls channels 2-6. The sticks would control rudder and elevator, and the sliders would control throttle. It's a slight pain for the left hand pilot because a throttle stick lacks a return spring, so he will have to fly elevator without feel, but better pilots can do this no problem.

Assuming you have a couple of trainer planes lying around, it's about 10 minutes of TX programming and go fly.