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Show Suggestions - Two

Brake down the electric motors so one can know what size motor does what. Picked up that KV is a rating for RPM per volt, but if one wants to scratch build a plane then how does one pick a motor for it? Or how does one pick a replacement motor or how does one pick a little hotter motor to soup up a plane?

Second: Propellers, explain the rating system. You mention the pitch as two numbers but what do they mean? Show and explain what a wrong prop looks and sounds like compared to the correct one. Think, to big a prop will overheat the system. How does one test this in very simple way, ground, air etc?

Totally enjoy the show and both Josh's. The show has a great chemistry that comes through to the watcher.

Keep up the great work brothers.


Junior Member
HI Hi,
I would like to see a review on the KDS Flymentor auto pilot which can be used on helis like the HK450 setup suggestions like for the dx7,
Regards Craig


Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
I'll have to see about putting something together for the forum. I bought one, and it worked much better than I expected. It takes a good amount of "tweaking" with a computer. I have a netbook that I use for that purpose.

I have a DX7, I'll try to remember to use that as the radio, instead of my JR 9503.