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Simple cub adding tail wheel using parkzone corsair rig.


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So, going through old spare parts from the parkzone Corsair I had back in the day. Just getting back into the hobby after years and thankful I stripped down crashed corsairs...lol. I've got this read tail gear I'm thinking about using on the cubbie. Tail draggers can be challenging enough but add a BBQ skewer to the mix and it works but, it's a bit ugly.

Been messing around with an already retired cub fuselage and I'd have to do a new build for this. I have some ideas but...the linkage is gonna be be the tricky part.

I can cut down the curved mount that the gear assembly sits in so it's pretty much a tube or sleeve to provide rotation. The thing with a tail wheel is you really want it to actuate with the rudder for taxing and slow speed. The tough part is getting some sort of linkage to attach and work with the rudder push rod. The control arm for the gear will be pretty dang close to the push rod but, a simple connection to it... I don't think that'll work. Besides, I out of practice and still pretty bad at soldering (as you'll likely notice on the clevis :) ) and a simple connection just won't move the wheel assembly enough.

I'm gonna have to build a new fuselage and work this out before putting on the rudder and elevator. I was able to take them off the old one by just heating up the hot glue but it just gets messy. I would be interested if anyone did anything similar or has any ideas. Kind hard to get pictures. I actually like the idea of adding some weight back there. I had to pop a screw in the tail because the tail was just too dang light and kept nosing over on landings lol.