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Simple Stick

Simple Stick V1.4

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Also the wings don't hold on nicely. They got twisted in relation to fuse when I maidened it. It hit tall grass too and the whole wing came off. It was a bad flight tho mainly cos I'm nooby when it comes to 4ch planes.
I say don't use rudder very much and just use the bank and yank technique, it should fly the same a 3 channel!

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The wing alignment piece should be glued to the bottom of the wing. When mounting the wing, the alignment piece should fit into the top of the fuse, like a puzzle piece, and will align the wing, and keep it from moving during flight.
Thanks for the explanation! I was going to go grab a picture but I guess I don’t have to any more. :)


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I was just a bout the head out and maiden the stick when I realised it is really tail heavy. Not even my 4s 2200 can balance it. Is that normal?
Edit: moved the wing back and that seems to have solved it.
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Printed and cut some vinyl decals for my Simple Stick. These are reposition able on the brown Flite Test foam board. I was thinking of making these available to purchase. Any interest out there?


Hey folks! I'm new around here and getting back into flying after many years. I've been really enjoying the Simple Stick and have created a bunch of 3D Printed upgrades for it, probably more pending and I keep making revisions as I go but check them out on Thingiverse.... https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5384576