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Single-battery or parallel connection?


Rotor Riot!
Hi guys, what do you think suits me better for a multirotor - two 2200mAh 3S 25C batteries in parallel? Or one big 5000mAh 3S 20C for the same price?



On my own consideration - a single pack is simpler and has slightly more capacity, while a double pack means that if I crash or burn one battery I may still save the other one.

What do you think?

They cost roughly the same after shipping. ($30,96 for the big one vs $29.35 for the small ones with a parallel adapter)
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Rotor Riot!
I will purchase the following:

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[TD="colspan: 2"]Shipment[/TD]

International (Registered) Air Mail 751g - 1kg $17.95

[TD="colspan: 2"]Taxes[/TD]


[TD="colspan: 2"]Total[/TD]


The price of each battery comes out at $13.48 which is fairly good compared to the local $30 of a re-sold version of the same battery! :p

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