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Skimmer another flight ..getting there!


Well-known member
working on version two of the skimmer ...a few mods to the fuselage to strengthen the front end and a change to the tail...
shorter wingspan for the wing with ailerons ...



The Geeky Pilot
Omg your built her. I started building mine then had to move and starting over. It need a stronger spar? She seems to fly similar to the original from what I can tell but I flew mine about 20 years ago.


Well-known member
hi Brian ...yes i built her ...needed a few adjustments to get her flying nice ...mostly due to the heavier foamboard in the uk !
spar has not been much of a problem so far ,but i did a dihedral brace of three ply 1/16" and it has held up well !
not had her out for a while due to the uk weather (rain ,rain and more rain)
v2 is waiting for her maiden ...added ailerons to a slightly shorter wing and made some adustment to the tail configuration i am sure summer might make an appearance some time this year lol...fingers crossed !!!
do give her a go Brian ,its nice seeing some older models in the sky...