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Sky Surfer 2000 - Bixler killer?


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When HK released Bixler 2 I tought I've found the FPV platform I was looking for... far from it.

Last weekend I saw the Sky Surfer 2000.

Check out how does it compare to the fuselage of the Pelikan Beta 1400 (which is basically a bixler-sized plane):

Wing size comparsion:

Fuselage internals:

And that's how it looks in flight:

What's more - the 2400 version is available too - yup, that's 1 m larger wingspan than the original Sky Surfer, original Bixler etc!!!
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Wow, thanks for sharing... I do think this is a good (and big) contender against the bixler, hawk sky, etc. I love the glider like landing gear and how it supports the carbon spar and the heart of the fuselage, this could carry much more FPV and Camera gear without a problem, the only downside is that the inside of the fueselage has less room compared to the bixler because of the extra support...


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Yup! I am looking into it.
I'm still trying to decide between a skysurfer, super skysurfer, skywalker, or Finwing penguin.
You might have heard that the Raptor isn't going to work. When you add weight it becomes super unstable.


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I wish I was in the US. That monster would be on its way right now... $221.95 shipped to Australia for the ARF
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