1. F

    Nano Bixler?

    I had a bixler that seemed to be bullet proof and I absolutely loved flying it. I had an fpv set up on it and could get 20 minuets plus per battery. I sold it at some point and have wanted something like it since. I had toyed with the idea of making a tiny trainer into a pusher as I want...
  2. S

    Yuneec Gimbal on DIY Multirotor

    Hi Everyone, Even with years going by, Josh Bixler's Dragonfly has always caught my eye. Something that has always bothered me is how he got that Yuneec gimbal working. Are gimbals and cameras so interchangeable that you can just pick one and fit it to any flight controller? Does anyone...
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  11. D

    FT Explorer with a Bixler 2 Stock Motor

    Hi there, I had a Turnigy Park 450 in my previous Explorer and it had plenty of power. Now I've built my second Explorer and I wonder if it can fly with a 1300 kv Bixler 2 stock motor? As this motor is not very powerfull I will not put any FPV equipment. Thank you all
  12. G

    I didn't even know this world existed!

    Hi guys! I didn't even know this world existed. Back when I was a kid, all i wanted was an RC plane! Never flew one for more than a minute. 15 years later, i'm finally pulling the trigger and buying my own plane! I just ordered a Bix 3 after extensive research and (as it's summer)...
  13. agentkbl

    Bixler's Pietenpol

    Who thinks it would be awesome if Flite Test made a Pietenpol based of Josh's out of balsa, and even more importantly, made it available on the store? I think it would give more publicity to the balsa/dark side of R/C flight (or should I say flite) and it would be cool for Bixler.
  14. R

    Bixler motor broken. New motor suggestions?

    Hi everyone. My bixler 1.1 killed a ESC a few months ago, it was a mystrey (blueseries) 40A. I thought It died because of lack of airflow in the fuselage. Today I finally got around to putting another ESC in it, I replaced it with a blueseries 30A, but this time mounted it ontop of the wing...
  15. J

    Bixler 2 or Bix3

    Hello guys! I am pretty new to R/C flying and I want to buy my first airplane. I have already flown two quads. Should I buy the Bixler 2 or Bix3? Do you have experience?
  16. C

    New member & never flown (yet)

    Hi everyone / anyone, My names Charley and I'm from Portland (UK). I have always dreamt of flying and went up in a glider a few times but couldn't afford to make a hobby out of it, a few years ago I stumbled across RC Planes with an FPV camera & goggles and it looked like the answer to my...
  17. C

    Bixler 2 Power System Recommendations?

    Hey alright so I have a Bixler 2. Total weight with GoPro, battery, ESC, and servos (without motor) is about 31oz. I was wondering what motor/prop combination I should use. I already have an E-Flite Park 480 and a Suppo Motor from Grayson Hobby (link...
  18. M

    Bixler 1 build help!

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums but I've been watching Flitetest videos for about 2 years now. So my uncle just gave me a brand new Bixler 1 Kit with a few electronics. I recently got my first job and was able to purchase the rest of the needed components. My parts list is as follows...
  19. R

    wanting a good 2nd plane

    Hi everyone. I am wanting to get another plane. This wont be my 2nd plane, but I haven't flown in over a year. So I'm probably at that skill level again. I started flying about 3 years ago with a mini super cub, I moved from there to a pheonix 2000, and then many home made flying wings. For the...
  20. C

    ESC overheating??? RC Noobie here!

    I recently bought a bixler 2 (ARF). I put it together and plugged the esc into the motor, within 2 mins the esc was too hot to touch. What do you think is wrong?:( Note: i was running the motor with no prop at about 1/4 throttle for about 20sec but overheating didnt occur until about 2 min...