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Skylark All-in-1 FPV Suite Review (video tx/camera/OSD/current sensor/GPS)


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Once it got shipped, it was 4 days from China to Minnesota.
I was a little worried when I got the BAG from UPS. I like Boxes…
As you can see in the video everything was packed very well and made the trip perfectly.
First off, I was amazed at the size of everything, the camera was small, and the “transmitter/OSD/current sensor” unit was about the size of most of my other video transmitter units alone. Same GPS as I have for other OSDs. And the current sensor was built in. so one less thing taking up space.
As you can see in the pictures this “all-in-one” greatly reduces the spaghetti of wires that you get when doing most FPV setups.

As with most products that are new to the world there was no manual… you really don’t need one. But it would be nice to know what the 2 different color LEDs mean and how many flashes are good and bad. So I just plugged everything in where it was marked on the board (GPS and video). The power leads were marked on the board “IN” and “OUT” and had deans plugs already solders on. (they offer other plugs).
The unit came to life blinking the blue light and the red flashed one time…. I have a Skylark Trace III OSD, So I guessed that the blinking blue would be the same as the that. And it was. Still not sure what the red LED is.

Next, I set up the video receiver, I use for my ImmersionRC/FatShark 2.4GHz ground station. Using the 3 dip switches on the back of the unit to set the channel. I got it to the correct channel … and BAM! Great video! The OSD looked the same as the Trace OSD.
I picked up the camera and it was way out of focus, so I turned it and got it set. Nice sharp, clear picture. No jumping video the picture looked great.
Things I found:
- There is no reset button to set home… it must only set on power up.
- The camera cable only uses 3 of the 4 wires. (red, black, yellow)
- There was an extra cable with the set up… ( going to use it for testing cams)
- The antenna connector is the wrong gender; as compared to everything else I have (DARN IT!) I did have converter. So I could test other antennas (see other videos)

Looking at the Skylark products, you can see they have been working towards something… … Well, this is a large part of it, and I believe this will help more people getting started, then any other product out there.
There is nothing to wire, nothing to solder. Just plug in to your ESC and plug in a battery.
And you’re transmitting.

The product I ordered was the Video cam/video transmitter/OSD “all in one”.
- 2.4G 500mW video tx
- 520tvl camera
- Skylark OSD
- 10Hz GPS
- 80A current sensor
- Support for the Auto Antenna Tracker (AAT)
-2.7oz / 78grams

2nd video with flight recordings
Can not be posted here... see the 2nd video link at youtube.
This is not a great video or great flying either...
Its is a small "cloud fly", flying in about 10 mph of gusty wind.
I was using the stock dipole antenna (rubber ducky type) the video was stable if the plane was stable...
The camera was out of focus as well…
So, just a bad video all around.

cam.jpg IMG_0026.jpg IMG_0027.jpg IMG_0032.jpg new.jpg


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test video after I fixed the camera and moved it to my DJI Naza.

Ok this video is the test video after I fixed the camera. OH and moved it to my Quad DJI Naza.
The cam has a plastic housing that also holds the lens.
The cam is very small and light with a flat back, making it easy to mount.
The issue is that the circuit board is just pinched in the case… this does not keep it from vibrating. In one of my other videos you can see the GoPro and this cam are in the same shot. The GoPro has little to no vibration.

The fix:
I took the housing apart and hot glued the circuit board to the front, lens holder. then hot glued the back cover on as well.
Only glue the corners! The ccd gets warm.

You can see the video is much better.


Here is the link at Skylark. there web site lacks ease of use.


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I have a Dragon Link system. it is way over kill for a quad system. Idont think I am going to do any 5mile flights with the quad...

the plane has a 72 MHZ system old system for testing.

I have found that the skylark all-in-one is very easy to move from plane to quad. 1-main unit, 2-cam, 3-gps thats it!

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The Skylark All-in-1 FPV Suite
Onboard 2.4G 500mW video transmitter
520TVL Camera
80A current sensor
10Hz GPS with backup battery
Support Skylark Auto Antenna Tracker

This is all in one unit!!!

It has everything in one package. thats what cool about.