slowing starting out bit by bit, did I get the wrong controller?


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I saw the radiomaster pocket in a recent video and got one off amazon as it was quite affordable but didn't realise there is two different versions and ended up with the ELRS one. I want to get a swappable plane next, either the trainer or the tutor. Are any of the receiver options listed with the planes compatible with my transmitter or did I screw up here? It's too late to return cause I've had it a while now using it with a sim.


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Thank you. Now the question is will any of those cause problems with fitting since they do not show up under the "complete your build" section for the tutor?
You can use any ELRS receiver that has PWM outputs.

Many or most ELRS receivers are made specifically for drones and those don’t have the PWM connections that a basic rc plane needs for servos and the ESC. Drones use flight controllers and ELRS receivers usually communicate with the flight controller with a protocol called CRSF. The flight controller then communicates with the ESCs over another protocol, but PWM is never involved.

More recently, ELRS receivers with PWM connections have become more common, such as the ones that Litterbug listed. You should be able to use any brand of ELRS receiver, as long as it has those PWM connections. They will work just fine with your Tutor build, but the binding instructions will be different. It’s a little more complex, but ELRS is the “latest and greatest”, so you may as well learn it straight away.

Good luck!


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I bought one of those RadioMaster Pocket ELRS radios myself for indoor flying. Got the 4-in-1 module too. Figure it's small size would make a nice radio for combat at Flite Fest too. I have one of the ER5A receivers and a half dozen ELRS-PWM converter boards with full telemetry too.