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Smash Drone Swappable

Okay, so I have said in other threads about wanting to start getting into 4 channel flight. I have a smash drone and love how it flies an how it is a pusher. Since ring a pusher saves props an all, I would love to have a 4 channel swappable pusher trainer. Since none on FT's designs really fit this I figured I would ask. Has anyone made a mod for the smash drone that allows you to switch between the undercambered 3 channel style to flight to something like a Maker trainer, using he same air frame? Like a swappable swappable. You know you can switch wings out as you learn and you can also teach other, all with the comforts of being a pusher. I figured it was possible since the maker trainer is quite similar to this design, but font reLly want to design something myself because I don't want to assume that 4 channel flight feels one way when really just my airplane is screwed up.

Thanks in advance, Nathan

Ron B

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I love my Drone and I put some soft sponge foam in and ahead of the nose to help take a better impact and it works well.
Nathan how about building a new wing just like the old fogey but with out and polyhiederal and just a small amount of diehiederal then put a flat bottom on the wings except where it mounts on the fuselage and add ailerons you could leave the under camber on the tips like some of the other ft builds do. I have not done it yet as not up to that skill yet and also I love the slow flight of the Drone. For faster flying I fly my Delta Ray and am learning 4 channel on it.


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Wow! Got my SmashDrone out for first flights yesterday, it flew great!

It was by far the best flights I've had (in my extremely limited experience)! I probably got 20 minutes of flight time, and a hawk even came out to join me! I "smashed" a couple times, mostly because I was having too much fun, and tried to pull some loops; the Fogey wing does not like loops. I was a little concerned about the weight of my build, it ended up at ~700g with a 3s2200, where the article suggested ~550, but it still flew just great!

On my final crash, the wing folded in half on the midline, got cut by the rubber bands, and went lawn-dart from maybe 70 ft. There is lots of damage to the fuse. I will DEFINITELY build this again!
Would it be possible or effective to cut ailerons right into the Old Fogey style wind and just use that as the 4 channel conversion, or would the polyhedral an the ailerons just cancel each other out?


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I think the stock fogey wing probably doesn't do ailerons very well. The polyhedral seems very influential right off the plan. But, I'd bet that a different wing would be pretty easy to incorporate. Because the weight is so far under the wingtips, I doubt it will ever roll very well.

You could fold a flatter fogey wing.. Stock is about 36" span including tips, angle is 16 deg in the crease, and the angle that produces the polyhedral is about 5 deg. Knowing that, I made my own version. I'll post pics here in a little while.
So, below I have my new wing. The mid section is 24" long instead of 19" and the wingtips are only 8" long instead of 9". The polyhedral is cut roughly the same (0.5" extra length on the trailing edge makes something like 4 deg). I used some straight lines instead of the rounded shape partly because it was easier to cut. The underside has a CF rod for midline reinforcement, and every crease and edge is reinforced with packing tape. Wing is ~105g, a touch higher than stock.

Ready to fly again!

Ron B

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that is a little different take on the tips but they look good.
I built my wing with 2" at the wing tips instead of the 3" and it flew great I have now crunched the wing so I built this one with the full 3" to see how it flies compared to the other wing.
Okay, we'll I flew my Drone today and after a few crashes I got the feel back and got to banging he sticks around pretty good without crashing. (Pretty good for only flyin for a month, then taking a month off to wait for a new motor) I think I'm gonna order some servos and design a flat airfoil wing with dihedral in the center and ailerons. The wing is going to look like he under cambered design just with a piece of foam on the bottom and no polyhedral. I was thinking about a 40" wing that is joined at the center where if you lay the one end flag on the table, the other end will lift of around 2"-3".

How do you all feel about this. The center section will be cut out to fit the guide lines of the fuse nicely so no modification to the fuselage will be needed.

Let me know how you feel about the win length and dihedral amount. Also, should the ailerons be the full length of the wing, or should they only be part of it?
Well, I'm still new to flight myself, but that strikes me like it will feel a lot like a 4ch trainer. Wing and tail configuration in about the same places. I'm guessing it will fly about as well as with the stock wing, but not sure what it will feel like w ailerons. Probably the roll control will change depending on all up weight.

I say try it out, and let us know! Might be amazing!

Ron B

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Start off with the 2" dihedral and with the wings that long I would only use about 1/2 of the wing for the ailerons if not enough you can go longer but if long it is hard to shorten them.
Engineer, the feel of the 4 channel is what I'm going for. I feel as though I have outgrown the 3 channel flight, and don't want to get too used to it as most of the time you will be flying either a 4 channel or a bank and yank as it is.

Ron B, Wouk you suggest a shorter wing? Maybe something like a 30" wing instead of the originally thought 40". Should I try and keep the length close to that of the under cambered or should I stretch it a little to make up for the lost lift when leaving the under camber style wing?

Ron B

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I would stay with the 40" and see how it works. You know how the plane flies with the original wing and you will lose some lift so go long to make up for it. Once you learn the handling of the new wing then you can experiment even more. with the overall length of the fuselage the short wing may be to short as you want the wings to be longer than the fuselage as a rule of thumb but there are exceptions but they usually don't fly well.
You may even want to put a spar in the wing for strength and definetly strengthen the joint at the center.
I was planning on running a foam spar down the core of the wing for strength and rigidity.

About the wing length. The original wing isn't longer then the fuse and it flies great. Is this one of those occasions where the designer got lucky?

Also, should I stick with the ailerons still being only 1/2 the wing
So, foam board cuts pretty easy. How bout 40" with dihedral to start with 13" long ailerons from the tip on each side.. Then if you feel like its too long, you can cut down up to 5" per side, leaving with 30" span and 8" ails. Easy to cut, harder to add more.

Ron B

Posted a thousand or more times
I know I will get some flack on my previous statement of wings longer then fuselage, but the gliders, bombers, cargo planes, high wing mid wing and low wing sport planes, are this way. Now when you get into jet styled planes that is not the rule but then they have to rely on speed and thrust to keep them flying.
All rules have an exception.
The reason I suggested a 2" dihederal is the more dihederal you have the less response you get from the ailerons.
So, foam board cuts pretty easy. How bout 40" with dihedral to start with 13" long ailerons from the tip on each side.. Then if you feel like its too long, you can cut down up to 5" per side, leaving with 30" span and 8" ails. Easy to cut, harder to add more.
Very true about the wing. The saying is ,"you can always cut down, but you can never make longer" so I will start designing it is sketchup an then, after I order some servos, hopefully have a prototype design out soon, maybe a month, as now that school is out, I will be picking up a lot more hours at work, so while I'm on summer break, the schedule seems to be getting even buisier.:)