Solved Smoke System Question


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I have a 32cc rcgf engine that I would like to get smoke system hooked up to. I think I understand the basics, you pump smoke oil to the muffler, but I don't have a muffler with a hole to pump the fuel to. I saw someone who had just drilled a hole there and used, what I would assume, is heat resistant silicone to hold the fuel line in place. I am wondering if this is a good idea. I essentially am just wondering the tips and tricks of installing smoke systems that I should be aware of. Do they need vent lines? Do they use the same fuel line as gasoline?


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You will need a nipple, like this one, to attach the smoke line to the muffler. Any tubing that can tolerate the smoke oil will work. Heat is generally not the issue, it's the liquid attacking the tubing that is the issue. I believe the tubing used for gas will work.