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So does this mean that i should start selling all my electronics or safely package them up for storage.

Depends on how much of a fighter you are?

I'm buying receivers and possibly a second transmitter. I'm not worried about servos and batteries as they should remain available.


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Ignore it. Chances of being caught outside of very built up areas are low. Lots of things are illegal, like speeding, which very few people get caught for. Hopefully this crap will be killed off by common sense but I won’t be spending any money on registering or remote ID if they become law here.

Captain Video

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Common Sense and the government? Mutually exclusive terms!
Folks we need to be vocal. The AMA is trying on our behalf but WE as RC Pilots need to speak up ON OUR OWN BEHALF! Contact your congressional rep and your Senate rep and tell them this proposed rule CANNOT go forward.
As a RC Pilot and a Voter let them know YOU can make choices about who should represent you. If they cannot work on your behalf, you can vote someone in who will. I like my hobby too much to sit quietly and let the FAA numbskulls ruin my fun with my sons because someone is greasing the pockets of the FAA to get their Quad delivery airspace. Come on people get upset and MOTIVATE!