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[SoCal] Orange County and Greater Los Angeles Area, California


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Just wondering who all is out there from the OC and LA regions? I'm in the 562 area and usually fly at Glider Field in El Dorado Park. Anybody interested in an FPV meetup ?


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Whoa! Finally some responses! I was beginning to think I was the only one on here from our area.

I still haven't been able to get my versa wing up in the air - built it several months ago.

I had a couple failed launches and then had to use the motor for a spare on my quadcopter and it sat around for awhile.

Where do you fly at Keegan?

Neal, it sure is a blast once you get started but it's definitely a slippery slope! lol
FT fan in Corona

I'm about a year in the hobby. Joined Circle City Fliers in Corona. Have built a quad, hex and a storch. Looking to get some fpv gear and also a 3d printer eventually. Looking for other FT fans in the area.
I'm in Yorba Linda, but I've recently been flying at Vista Grande Park in La Habra. Previously, in my slope soaring days, I flew at Temple hill in Diamond Bar.
I'm in Irvine. Is the area around French Hill always particularly windy? I could see it being a nice place to really fly some distance but many of my FT planes would not be happy in wind.

Me and a friend are currently scouting for a place to do some long range FPV without having to drive far out of the city. So few non-park open areas though. It is looking like I'll probably have to drive inland.


Hey, more Irvine peeps! I'm about a stones-throw from UCI. I like French Hill because it's minutes from my place, but there's almost never anyone there when I go (and the hill isn't the most fun thing to scale before flying). I usually fly Bluff Park in Long Beach after work, or Point Fermin if I've got more time in the afternoon. (I mostly fly slope)

I actually JUST got some FPV gear (goggles arrived Monday, camera/Tx arriving today), so I wouldn't mind meeting up with some locals sometime. Really looking forward to experimenting with micro-FPV on my new Alula-Trek. :D
Thought I'd bump this up for SoCal Flyers! Currently flying in the Rancho Santa Margarita/Mission Viejo Area but also interested in learning to slope and probably will check out Kite hill or perhaps somewhere along the coast. Currently a OCRCC.com member and flying at the Irvine Great Park rc field. Just playing around with FPV too! If your completely new, can help with building your first plane!


Hey Mike!

Kite Hill is ok, but not the best for slope, especially if you're learning ... you basically slope (almost) over a road. There's another hill just down the road from Kite called Lilly's which is awesome, but you have to get checked out to fly there so it's not really a "learner's hill".

Since you know how to FLY but are learning to SLOPE, I'd actually suggest French Hill or Turtle Rock. It's gentle to mess up on, and faces mostly west/southwest so it works on most normal wind days, at least for lighter trainer types. (they're actually both on "Turtle Rock" ridge, but on different ends of the road)

I'm sorry I can't suggest anything closer to you, I just don't know the areas that well, but if you want to check out French Hill definitely send me a PM and I'll show you around.