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soldering issue

I bought a new hglrc all in one pdp and esc board. As i went to solder on the xt-30 i noticed that the solder with not stay on the pad. It wont stick. seems like there an oil or something that is hindering it. any advice?


Legendary member
I have had issues with particular brands of connectors. I usually end up roughing up the surface with a small needle file (fine sandpaper would work as well.) That and some extra flux usually clears it up.


Elite member
It could be left over flux or impurities from manufacturing. You can use IPA on a swab to clean the contact, as noted a separate flux will help, as will gentle abrasion.


Master member
Along with everyone elses coments are you getting it hot enough? For battery connectors I will use my Weller 240-350 watt soldering gun.