Solidoodle 2 for sale

Hello FliteTest Community,

I know this isn't under the for sale/wanted category, but there isn't a catagory it fit in there.


I am going to sell my Solidoodle 2 3d printer. It has been a good 3d printer for what it is, being a few years old I believe. The preconfigured slic3r setting are also really close to dialed in for it.

Selling because I need money for college and like 90% of my prints are just stupid figurines/models that cause me to waste money on filament. It also is a big distraction, causing my grades to drop.

* 150mmx150mmx150mm build platform
* heated build platform
* cardboard/foam sides and top to make a nice enclosure
* sanguinolulo controller board running marlin firmware
* cooling fan with 3d printed mount (need a $2 MOSFET to complete installation. Wire routing has already been done)
* 2 extra heater cartridges
* 1 extra thermistor
* rear mounted filament holder (I don't use it. If you want the hanger that I use, I guess I could include that too.....)

Super solid, prebuilt, I believe steel construction. The machine weighs nearly 15lbs. Does not come with any filament. I guess you could have the meter of filament left on the only roll I have.

Looking for around $200 for the machine, but any reasonable offer will be considered. Since I shipped it down to school, I know shipping is going to be ~$30 UPS ground (I'm in Daytona Beach FL, USA) 20170122_171547.jpg 20170122_171520.jpg 20170122_170532.jpg 20170122_170434.jpg