Southewest Idaho flyers


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Hi everyone, I'm looking for other pilots in the southern Idaho area. We have a ton of open country and some of the most incredible terrain on the planet. Just would like to find like minded pilots for fun and adventure!
Thanks and drop me a line!

For reference, we live 30 miles west of the Boise area at the edge of the Owyhee desert. Massive canyons and massive space for flying!


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Hello Steve,

If you ever travel to the Tri-Cities WA area give me a hollar would love to bring out some planes and fly. just be warned we do get pretty windy over here lol. But we have lots of large parks and recreation areas to fly and they all have there different challenges.


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Hey gentlemen,

I just moved into the area and would love to meet up.
Also looking for a club in the area with a field... Bosie? been to the Hobby shop in Meridian and love it!


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Hi you all. I live in the south central part of Idaho near Twin Falls, Burley area. Been flying for over 65 years. Am still designing and flying sport flyers, soaring, gassers. Having a blast, if your in the area bring planes and give me a note on Will post some pic's later. Have fun flying, till later.