Spektrum DX7 Binding troubles

Captain Video

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Hello Everyone:
I know the Spektrum DX7(gen 1 i think) is an older controller and it is DSM2 but it has been collecting dust for a while and I want to see if I can get it going again.

When I hold the bind button and turn on the DX7, the bind button light flashes once quickly and the display show what you would see like you had already bound to the plane. The DSM 2 receiver in bind mode flashes normally even thought I try to bind it to the DX7. It does not appear the DX7 is transmitting? It will work as a Buddy box. I have old DSM2 receivers but yet I cannot bind to them. Is the such a thing as a hard/factory reset and if so how can it be done.

I bought this used and had hoped to restore it to full working condition. Spektrum says it is to old and not cost effective to repair. With that being said, I am looking for advice to troubleshoot this to get an idea what is wrong

Any opinion and assistance would be great!
Thank you in advance.