Spider Tiltwing thingy


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So I printed some robot legs that use HS-55 servos and I think I'm going to create a really strange design. I'm thinking of doing a base segment for the legs using a plywood mounting plate, and then a top segment with all the flight electronics in it. It's going to have a big tilt wing servo in the top part as well if I can't fit it on the bottom. As far as the leg controls go, I think I will purely do a mixed system rather than an arduino controlled system. With 4 legs I should be able to operate on a switch and a single stick. The way the wing will work is probably analogous to the air taxi. It has a wing with a section cut out of it that tilts over the electronics pods and once in hover mode the ailerons act as the yaw control. Pitch and roll are of course controlled by differential and the tilt servo. This thing will have a tail, and I'm not sure how I will make it yet, but it's probably just going to be something like you find on the tiny trainer. This is of course all speculative right now, but in just a couple days I'm going to build up the airframe and then all that will be left are the servos.