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I just received the speed build kit for the Spitfire . This is my first Flite Test build, so I am making my share of mistakes, but its coming along pretty well. I did run into a couple of issues that I mention below, but almost ready for maiden flight.

I will add a couple of coats of polyurethane to give it a shiny finish.

1 - wing spare too short. Could the plans have changed? Seems like the spare is too short: doesn’t reach outer tabs and doesn’t reach the servo

2 - new servo cutout in wing. Seems like there is a new cutout for the aileron servo in the wing. I don’t think this cutout is needed, the servo sits on top of the lower wing surface? This cutout wasn’t there in the plans used in the build video.

My lessons learned, maybe someone else will find these helpful:

A - I chose to make my wing permanent because it sounded stronger. Fuselage was pretty square before I inserted the wings, but after I glued everything together I noticed the fuse has a twist in it now. I should have measured again after inserting wing. Or maybe I should have made removeable wing, would have made access to wires easier
B - I forgot to glue down one of the servo wires in the wing and to glue the connector for the extension. Wouldn’t you know it, this wire separated after gluing wing together. Now, with wing glued to fuse, I couldn’t rerun wire. I had to cut an access panel on lower wing and on fuse to rerun wire. I need to doublecheck my wires before gluing wing and fuse!!!
C - I struggled with turtle decks. I couldn’t get the scotch tape to stick well enough to fuse. I decided to replace scotch tape with packing tape, but then had trouble getting scotch tape off the paper, so I just taped packing tape over scotch tape. This led to wrinkles in tape. Also had buckles in forward deck. I will get better with these in th future, I think I just need practice and better tape.
D - there is a new cut in the aft fuselage sides in the pre-cut pieces that wasn’t there in the pieces used in the build vid3o. These caused weakness in the fuselage sides. I reinforced with some plastic struts I had. This caused nose heaviness, I had to add weight to nose to counter-balance. Maybe I will regret this mod, but fuse sides were bending at this new cut.

Well, that’s about it, maiden flight planned for tomorrow. Thanks again for a great kit, I am learning a ton and will become a better builder thru this experience! I will post pics after maiden.

- Derrick


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Hello and welcome!

I think you'll find this a great source of inspiration and assistance.
And oh, take video and share of the maiden if you are able, we all like to see great successes!
(and you know... spectacular crashes!) :LOL:


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I just built the Spitfire myself. I had to watch the build Video a few times to get the ideas for mods that I did. Mind you the Spitfire wasn't my first FT model so the techniques are similar from plane to plane. I made the same mistake with the aileron servo as far as cutting out servo relief in the lower section of the wing before I put in the spar and realized that it didn't need to be cut out. so I glued in a filler piece to replace it. the spar didn't quite reach my 9g servo either but mine are a different shape then yours. at that far out on the wing it doesn't matter if it reaches the servo or not. plus if you glue the bottom of the servo to the bottom of the wing and then when you are ready to glue the wing top on you glue the top of the servo when you apply glue to the spar it works as part of the spar as well once it cools and hardens.

The line you cut in the aft fuse was just a suggested placement reference for the second rear turtle deck former and not actually a cut line. I know how it could be confusing, the DIY plans aren't very clear or well placed especially on the tiled version.