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Spray paint


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So I bought a couple of rattle cans from Ace. As you can see on the test foam (standard foam board from Hobby Lobby), there was no issue with bubbling under the paper. Instructions say to keep 6-8 inches away, I was 8-12”. Light passes, probably 5 times each color. I learned if I’m going to hold the foam, put on a rubber glove... lol tape was stardard 3m scotch blue. No bleed under the tape.
on the hard edge, the soft edge form the rip seemed to keep the paint out too.



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had a little color bleed, did you? I know that's frustrating, you took the time to mask it off right and think everything was properly prepared, and still that happens. I did some incredibly stupid damage yesterday to my plane. impulsively I decided my new Sport Cub S v2 who I've flown maybe 15 times, needed to be black. In our garage/workshop there's a fair bit of various leftover paints from various DIY home improvement, projects, etc. Well cognizant of the acetone reaction to foam, I carefully selected a black paint and as I was grabbing it off the shelf someone called my name. I looked away and accidentally the can next to the one I wanted. In fairness, the labels are simillar, same color as the 2 paints are the same brand, one contains acetone, the other is foam safe. I sanded down the plane, removed all the stickers, un-taped and separated wings/cockpit from fuselage/tail section and spray spray sprayed the wing/cockpit half. and oddly no matter how much I painted, a second later, there was more visible white foam? WTF? So I sprayed MORE! THEN I noticed I had the wrong paint can. My airplane has contracted leprosy, or so it looks, or perhaps for you "Song of Ice and FIre" fans, like the flesh of one of the stone men, and the wings must either be made of at least partially some more resilient foam or material, or are coated as they for the most part are surprisingly OK. The bottom half came out great, as I used the right paint on it, amazing what using the correct material or tool for a job can do for the results! my chemistry error surprisingly did not actually breach the hull, it's only ugly as sin, and the whole bloody point in the paint job was aesthetic improvement and I managed the opposite as efficiently and completely as if I had set out to make it as ugly and undesirable as possible. Perhaps this is a benefit security-wise, if one were to steal a plane, mine would be the last choice because now it's so distinctive it could be called unique, and no one will want it. I did the same to my credit, my score is so incredibly bad, if someone stole my identity, they would return it, apologize, then offer me their credit! I hesitate to show a photo of my result, it's so frigging embarrassing. I suppose I should. Behold! The obsidian flyer! dragon glass! Ohh, that gives me an idea, who could be maybe not so ugly.