Spuce Goose Frankenstein Freehand


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So I wanted to build an H4, but couldn't find plans... so I found some old plan style drawings to reference. After doing all the rough scale calculations I just started drawing lines and adjusting them until they looked close to the picture. Figured I would start with a simple profile design and work my way out from there. Here are some pictures of the early stages.

~56" wingspan, I ended up moving the engine nacelles about 6 times 😅


Prepping vertical stabilizer for horizontal stabilizer install.


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Looking great!

Love the step by step photos too - your building approach is different than a lot of folks and it's great to see it in action! (y)


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Everything looked so nice, and I couldn't shake the desire to throw it to see if she'd glide. So I guessed the CG, taped some lead to the nose, and headed to the park.

Lift! We have lift! That was a level toss at a full run. I even caught her so zero damage. 😎 Time for a suitable power plant!


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Servos installed and wired up.

Scavenged a 64mm edf from my grounded starmax a10 and rigged up a thrust tube for a test flight.


Takeoff was buttery smooth and level, she was flying great until the esc cut out, running on 4s and with flap servos I overloaded the integrated bec. She nosed in from about 15 ft but only caused a minor crumple of the nose, easy fix. It really doesnt need flaps for now so I pulled the servos and got a nice 6 minute flight with a great landing.
Its underpowered with the edf, but definitely worth the time and effort to get a few test flights in. Time for prop motors!


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Not going with 8 little 1106 motors? :unsure: Wouldn't be very cost effective, but would be neat :D

I'd love to, but this bird is on a budget, $7 in foam and $15 for the motors and escs. When the weather breaks and work picks up I'm going to build one scaled for 5in 4 blade props with 8 motors. 😁😁

This bird is mostly just a proof of concept/scale test platform. Its my first scratch build and also my first time wiring and matching up more than one motor and esc. Definitely a learning curve but I'm motivated and excited for 4 and 8 motors in future builds. I'm hooked on big heavy lifters right now, time to make a fleet!