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SSHQuad V2 Upgrade to V3


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A while ago I ordered a bunch of new parts for my micro H-Quad and I got some additional parts for my SSHQuad v2. Then right before I started building my MHQ flying fpv on my sshquad I hit a wooden post and the legs on my quad, zip tied on flew off. I found one but lost the other. Not a big deal and I built my self a platform to take off of easily without the legs.


But landing on it is hard and I still would like something to keep the battery from hitting the ground just in case.

So I went to Polakium Engineering site to get more legs and when I went there I saw that he had a new v3 frame and new legs. So I thought why not get those and a new frame just because. I had still intended at this time to just put one of the new legs on my v2 frame. Fast forward and I get them it seems they are a bit smaller(though they weigh more?). So now I thought maybe I should just rebuild everything on the new frame which is why I'm upgrading to the v3 frame and moving/adding new components.

Also side note I later realized that the v2 landing legs are still on the site to order..I may still get them to put on the v3 since they are bigger and lighter. Also what prompted this build now, since I was ok with every thing on the v2 frame, was busting one of the motors putting the stick scaling to 200...I just wanted to do some flips.:rolleyes:

Now the specs,

  • T-Motor ESC 6A w/SimonK
  • T-Motor MT1306-10 KV3100 Version 2.0
  • Kk 2.1.5 Board (ordered another acro naze32 but I think I'll stick with the kk for now)
  • Polakium Engineering SSHQuad v3 frame


I'm going to be using my 2s batteries but I upgraded the connection to xt60 from jst. The ESC specs say I can use 3s so I may attempt to use my 3s lipos after I've had a handful of flights on 2s.

I'm also going to put fpv on this one like the v2 frame using my FatShark Teleporter fpv set.
720p Pilot HD camera & 250mW transmitter.


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Adam has had some production issues and I haven't been able to get a Polakium SS HQuad. I love my SS Hex. :)

I learned to hand launch and retrieve my little copters. I find it saves on landing gear and keeps the battery out of the dirt. If I ever do put landing gear on my Polakium Hex it will be something springy (think zip ties) not the struts Adam sells on his site.


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Yeh I just checked the rcgroups thread and was reading about the production issues. I hope he is able to get that sorted all out.

Hand launching and retrieving would be ideal, though I really only trust my self to launch from my hand, but I doubt I could do either fpv. Zip ties sounds like it would work, I need to find that post where someone talked about making them. I tried it once before and it didn't work.


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So I finished my initial build today of my SSHquad V3. I also was able to get a few test flights outside before dark. Even had the next door neighbor kid come by and check it out. I'll have to get him flying my little hubsans :).
I do have some video footage of the flights but I have to edit it down from the three flights I took and I have a backlog of other videos I need to edit...


But a it flies well, even better then the v2 frame. The esc with simionk are allot better than the turnigy ones I had before.

I also did do one flight with the 3s battery...too much power. I guess the 3s battery is how it really should be with 50% at hover but I got use to needing 60% or 65% to hover. It took me a bit to adjust even though thats how my other quad flies normally I just wasn't expecting it on this one. I did however notice the motors where quite hot after the 6+mins of flying so I will be sticking with the 2s for now which actually is recommended for these motors.;)



Oh yeah I'am eventually going to put the fpv gear on this one.
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