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Started building with Pop


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My dad was curious about the planes I've been building, and liked the P-38.

I got the kit last month, when Flite Test had their Christmas sale, but it wasn't until tonight that Pop and I started building it.

He's never flown, though. :eek: However, I've got RF8, and he's been playing around with it.


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A month after I last posted, Pop passed away. It was a freak accident in the garage, while we were moving stuff out, on the last day. He died three days later.

Emotionally, I'm fine. There are moments of sorrow, but his memory is too good for me to get down.

It left the P-38 in limbo, though. I hadn't touched it since either of us moved, until tonight. I made some progress on it, pausing for the night, at the rolled booms, as John suggested in the build video.



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Nice, I was wondering if you were making progress on this. the printed parts look nice! That's going to be a good looking machine when it is finished. What color are you going with?