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Starting a Quad Racing club at my school

Hello, everybody I am wanting to start a quad racing club at my school where we teach other kids to fly tiny whoops (or other brushed micros). I emailed the school and am still waiting for a response. I am thinking of teaching others on basic fundamentals including charging a battery safely, how to fly the quad LoS, and some basic FPV flight. For the first few meets we will discuss just the basics of quad flying and have them fly LoS before they switch over to FPV, where after that I would set up some small courses with LED light strip and have them race around for the best lap speed. Does anyone have recommendations on other things I should teach and also a good tiny whoop style quad that is under $75 (it does not have to have different flight modes, or be fpv ready). Thank you for all your suggestions to come.
My friend and I co-run an FPV/UAV Club at our school. It was actually started a few years before we got to the school but we inherited leadership of it, as the current leader was a senior. (My friend and I are Sophomores now) Anyway, we have about 25 members and a 45 minute meeting once a week during the school year. The club is actually part of the school day, because we have a dedicated 8th period for clubs. Also we sometimes meet over the weekends at my friend's house. This year we have made RC hovercrafts, Tiny Whoovers, and we've flown around some tiny whoops and FT Gremlins. Also we have helped members build their own 5" quads and teach them the basics. It's been super cool teaching everyone about everything in the RC community, and now many of our members own their own quads and have participated in MultiGP races. As far as tiny whoop style quads, there are many different ones that can be had for very cheap and teach the basics of quad flight just fine. If you can, I would also recommend you bring a laptop and TX to your meetings so people can practice on simulators like the DRL one. It has worked well for us and has improved my personal flight ability tremendously. I know that this post is a little old and the school year is coming to an end, but good luck! If you haven't already maybe you can set it up for next year.


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Simulators are a MUST if you want to start a club. You do NOT want broken parts and quads on first days, because I am 100% sure that many members will want to fly without ever having touched a radio before that day. If your school is convinced on the idea by next school year, make sure that simulators are part of the budget, and I'd recommend implementing a training program requiring flight logs and a certain # of hours on each level before progressing to more difficult parts of the hobby like building.