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Steerable Nose gear help?

I dont have pictures at the moment but i need help with an ARF kit i have no instructions to on the nose gear.
The front of the plane only has one opening on the bottom right before the engine, the engine mount has a small hole that fits the nose gear perfectly, it goes right through and lines up so i can hold the nose gear in place. It has a plastic piece that has 2 arms off of it with holes, i assume these are where the pushrod attaches and goes to the servo. only problem is this piece does not fit on the nosewheel when it is in the plane, its too long on both ends and the engine mount gets in the way. And there is only one whole in the firewall and thats for the gas tube and throttle servo pushrod. The steerable nosewheel piece is too wide a pushrod cant go through this hole. Also there is not mounting piece to hold the nosewheel in place.
If you know what im talking about please help. I will get pics up ASAP


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Hello Isaac.
It is normal to find the "plastic piece with 2 arms" located under the plane.
Push it in the front wheel axle before you put the axle into the enginen mount.
The pushrod exits in the bottom of the fuselage.
Go to the thunder tiger homepage and aircraft trainers.
Go to the MKIII-40 or MKII-60 and download the manual.
There are pictures of the front wheel and pushrod. The only difference is that the manual only shows a one sided control horn but that makes no difference.
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Okay that makes some sense, i got a plastic piece in the kit that holds the axle on the engine mount, and the "plastic piece with two arms" under the plane, only thing is the there is no hole in the bottom of the plane for the pushrod, and i dont know if i should cut my own or what? is seems like the only possible way from this point. And the pushrods? if you remember the picture i posted, for the elevator and rudder i used the long white tubes, and 2 short (one inch) z bends and 2 short (one inch) pieces of metal, rods with two threaded ends one side threaded more than the other, i assumed for the tubes and clevises. They threaded into the tube and i used the black one as the cover that i will glue in place (the white one slided easily inside it) and it works great. Now do i use the shorter white tubes as the covers (what the black ones were for the elevator and rudder) for the throttle and nose wheel? with the long thin z bend rods and just cut them to size?
Thanks so much, its amazing how much help you can give over the computer


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Taka a look at both manuals for the TT 40 and 60.
There are slight difference in the placing of the control horn. One of the models have to fit your plane.
I got it all installed and it works! Although i just ran a straight pushrod that slightly bends when it attaches to the control horn and the servo. I was going to run a big z bend so its all straight when it exits the plane but that would be in the way of the gas tank, and the pushrod wire is really thin.
The wheel works in sequence with the rudder, just not as high of a throw as i want but it works!
Now the gas tank, wing and engine!