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STOL simple cub


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I have been wanting to build a STOL caft of some sort and decided i would give the S-Cub a chance. Now flaperons are an option but they dont give you the control that separate flaps do. To get the most movement out of them i designed up some hinges that would alow for a single servo to actuate them. Here are a couple of images. 20191101_235649.jpg 20191101_235727_HDR.jpg 20191101_235733.jpg 20191101_235751.jpg 20191101_235802.jpg 20191101_235813.jpg


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Great job with the skin.

Your hinge mount for a single flap servo is interesting. Could you elaborate on how you did that?


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where did you get the skins? i didn't think @Rasterize had released his blue sunburst cub yet?

i am very interested in your flap setup. please do share, i would luv to do something similar on the Cub i have in the works...



me :cool:
Sweet Cub dutchmonkey! Excellent skin work there my friend! Very clean build. I think that might be the first Blue/White sun burst skin I have seen in the wild.
Is that regular size or did you enlarge it?
For the curious, Skins for the cub (including this one) are found here: https://forum.flitetest.com/index.php?resources/rasterize-skins-for-the-ft-simple-cub.39/
thank you and thank you. Oh and thank you for the beautiful skins to use. mine is stock size if you were asking me it looks like mrjdstewart is doing a XL size.

@ mrjdstewart - I will be sharing the flap hinge and linkage for everyone to use