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Hello folks-

Just wanted to share my latest project, a flite test simple storch built as a floatplane. I've always been interested in float planes and seaplanes, but they just aren't that compatible with foamboard. The moisture ruins the foam eventually and with it, your aircraft.

I decided to remedy that situation by building my FT Storch out of balsa wood. I used the side profile view from the plans, and then built up the fuselage based on that. There are a few advantages to this method, especially for a floatplane:

1. The firewall connection is rock solid and impervious to moisture. No more motors pulling themselves off the airframe!

2. The tail hinges are nylon reinforced with CA, making them waterproof and impossible to delaminate.

I was originally planning to scale up the FT simple floats to use with the Storch, but instead came across a local vendor who custom cuts them out of styrofoam. I chose 28" flat bottom floats for use with the Storch, and I'm happy with them so far. His website and information can be found at

I'm working on getting some video taken, but for now all I have are the still shots. Enjoy, and happy flying



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Hey i want to make some floats for my storch to fly in winter, any other pictures, and what are the dimensions of them, how do they attach?


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Hello @Squashymoon125

The floats in the above pictures are foam core floats made by Mark Smith at

The floats are 28" long, and have a plywood spar that runs along the upper spine. That spar has wooden blocks that attach to it, and then the landing gear wire is screwed on to those blocks.

They would likely work on snow, but I've had much better luck using skis on my Storch. Obviously the choice is yours, but skis are an easier install and much less headache to get set up correctly.

Here is a video of the floats in action, showing how they're mounted and how they flex when in use:

Here's a video of the skis on my Storch:

Best of luck whichever route you choose to go!
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I will most likely make skis or a ft sea otter thx for the help! Oh and how do you waterproof your foam board?