Straight and (Spirit) Level - Scratchbuild


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I'm hoping this can become a popular thing to make, but we shall see.

After crashing my .40 size trainer on the maiden, I needed something else to put the motor on. I could have repaired the trainer (it was going to be a very easy job anyway), but the motor was too small for the airframe. Becuase it was a very old plane, there had been many repair jobs done to it, resulting it being too heavy.


When somebody touches my neck (Result of crash)

I needed a good, simple airframe that would be strong and light. I didn't have any balsa, so I looked around on Facebook and RC trader, but no joy. However, when stumbling though the shed I came upon an old "Broken" Spirit level. I say "broken", as it still could have been used for a ruler or something, but the glass leveling parts were smashed. Anyway I though this might be a good idea as a plane fuselage. I brought it into the workshop and started removing the parts from the trainer, and working out how I can put them on the Level. I started with the landing gear:

As the Level was a sideways I shape, I needed a way I can bolt onto it to secure the gear, which is an aluminum plate. I decided to go simple, and stack 3 layers of plywood together, and screwing the gear into that. That provided a solid base to hold the gear, but I didn't have a way to stop it from sliding back and forth. Also its a good time to mention I broke the drill, so there was no way to drill it in. What I did was just cable tying it around a hole thing in the level, and using a tad bit of glue too. That worked very well, and is a solid mount, but not too solid in case of a hard landing.

Next was the motor mount. The Level has a black end cap, so I glued that in a bit stronger using some stuff I had laying around. Next, I cut the original motor mount off the trainer, and cut it to size, so it wasnt too large, and glued it on. I took a lot of glue to hold it in securely, and I also used some ply, but I think its very strong.

For the fuel tank, I just wedged it in there, and it fit perfectly as a friction fit. I cable tied it down to be more secure. I had to shorten the fuel leads, but everything fit well.


The tail surfaces are made from coreflute I had lying around. I used some coreflute to put inside the level (Similar to the landing gear), to have more stuff to glue onto. I glued it on, and everything was good.

At this stage all I needed to do now was put all the electronics and motor in and make a wing. I chucked the motor on which was easy, and start to work out the servos. I just glued them in, which in hindsight was a bad idea, as the are very easy to pull off. I think I will do a special method which I will describe later.

I had a few problems working out how to mount the wing. I could either: Use rubber bands (which I had no way of mounting the dowls), use screws (which arent long enough and I also don't have a working drill), or do a Ben Harber B-52 method. After some research, and thanks to OliverW (I forgor his forum name 🗿), I WE found a solution. I used a handsaw(?) to cut 2 notches into the underside, of each bit where the dowl will go, and bend it off with pliers. It worked well, and I did it 4 times, so I could have 2 dowls in it. Thanks oliver, Speedbikerdave, and Fiver42 on discord for the help. (bo123#1757 if you wanna hit me up).


I will build wings next time, and take more pics.
I think thats all for now folks, tell me what you think, and even build along! Bye until next time!


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Wow it’s been a while hasn’t it, I rarely post stuff on here anymore. Anyway I have decided to get this project going again, this time electric.


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