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Suggestion for the downloadable build plans


Junior Member
Hey Guys, I absolutely love your show, projects and builds, so please keep them coming!!!

My son and I have been working on your speed build kits and the Baby Blender from the plans. We have had a blast and I have really enjoyed the time with my 15 yr old.

One suggestion I would ask is on the plans, especially the full size ones, could you please add dimensions to them instead of the scale? The wings of the baby blender were awesome, but then the fuselage sheet was lacking.

Anyway, thanks again,
Fans from Wyoming!!!

PS. Have you guys seen this? http://youtu.be/grljurQ_tcQ
Might be something useful and safer for everyone who scratch builds with foam board.
They are super cheap too, around $3 at Wally World. Check out the reviews, someone actually listed Flite Test builds. Pretty cool.



New member
tsteege, i know what you mean, but many of their plans have angles on them, which means they would have to put a whole hell of a lot of dimensions on them to cover them exactly, you might find that if you printed out the wings and their scale was spot on, the fuselage should also be spot on too.

by the way, I love that x-acto foam board cutter. unfortunately its not available in canada's walmart :(


Junior Member
Sorry about the cutter in Canada.

As for the dimensions, I know what you are talking about, but I found they had them printed on the wing part of the plans which was great, as a few just for reference would be nice on all the plans is all I'm asking for.

Thanks and have a good one!