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Sunset Jet FPV Training


Wake up! Time to fly!
That was AWESOME!!

I think this has been the best FPV in cockpit perspective I have seen yet. Good amount of above horizon yet still able to see below the nose for good landing altitude. The time of day with the sun setting was perfect too. I also love Silent Partner for video music.

You area good pilot as well. Nice and smooth on the sticks. Most of the in cockpit FPV views in videos are spastic on roll and make your eyes go goofy after a while. I had to watch that a few times. Well done mate.


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Thanks guys for your compliments. Glad my efforts to keep FPV experiences realistic resonates with Flyers. I will have head-tracking working next time and hope to make new canopy to add even more scale realism. Stay tuned.


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Well my friend and I decided to up the realism a bit by adding head-tracker to our FPV setup, and fly under a not so clear canopy. Quite a challenge, then we also perform close formation. I try to stay tight in the slot position. What a thrill!


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So flying under the canopy is super realistic, but clarity of canopy makes visibility subpar for close formation work. So until clarity can be improved, I would do formation training without canopy.

Here’s video working on 3 plane formation. Lead carried a 360° camera and was a bit erratic to start. So we were still pretty far apart:

Interesting perspective looking back at my T-33 from lead’s 360 camera: