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Elemental Madness
So, this isn't really a service and I'm not selling anything, but I wanted to get the word out about my freind Jake and my summer project. It is going to be a tricopter V2.5 by rcexplorer, but we are still too young to get jobs and can't raise enough. So, introducing our site: http://aerialadventures1.webs.com/
It's not exactly professional, but it has a donation tab if you want to help us out. I'm trying to get my Super Cub up and to get some cool video so we can advertise.
Thanks guys,


Rotor Riot!
I have had similar envisionings - whith a seemingly bright future as I'll be the first one to bring FPV to the public knowledge.

Mine is called "AIR Photo Studio" - kinda long, but everything else has been taken. www.airphotostudio.com is an unregistered domain waiting for me to take it.