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Pumpkin drop event

Surfing The Skies With my wing


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nice - very impressed and effortless!

(NZ flier)
Thanks bracesport.
Easter weather here in Brisbane QLD has let me down. (Tried to get a flight in this morning it was way to windy and got belted with rain halfway through the fist battery so i gave up).
Hope the Easter weather in NZ is better than here.

Still waiting in anticipation for the maiden of your vista.


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@sumone - easter weather here in Wellington is not so great either - wind is gusting and tomorrow we will get pelted with rain too - I did get to try slope soaring yesterday which for my first attempt went quite well - I had a camera on board but messed up filming with the camera 'ON' when on the ground, and 'OFF' when flying!

I look at the Vista every day - actually it is ready to go, but I feel I need to crash the FT planes a bit more first!
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