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Swappable sailplane


Junior Member
yes exactly like a motor glider. it would be awesome to have a really big wingspan that could be colapsed so that it could fit in a car


Maiden tomorrow evening after work, can't wait. Hopefully my kid will get to fly her too. I hope The Josh's take up the idea. I know JB will do awesome things with 60" of wingspan.




Still in the hanger, its that time of year in South Florida. Afternoon thunderboomers! Fly or crash you guys will see the maiden video unedited when it happens :) I've had some great windows to fly if I thought for sure I could catch the plane, otherwise it would land in puddles.

Id like to see David go up agents. Joshb .bolth can make power gliders. 2 meter. No bigger 30 sec run time then power off.points for flight time and landings I love gliders you get longer flight times now that something I would buy from the them


Senior Member
I'd rather have a hand launched glider. Something without a motor that the kids could play with. It would be cool to teach basic control concepts without worrying about fingers in the props.
I really hope David gets involved here, but he tends to make complicated designs like his edf..

I would like to see a 2m 3-4channel sailplane capable of long flight times but also a stable platform like the bixler. So I have a better fpv platform than the cruiser. Currently my cruiser is my best FT plane.. And I almost build them all. But mine only has about 6min flight time. So I'm hoping for
20min flight time
Swapable (24g) motor form my other swapables..
And easy to launch.. Unlike the x8.. But I have a feeling the glider is going to be a flying wing since a 2m spar that holds up issnt easy to build
Holding thumbs.. Please Josh/David