Swappables Tail Skid Mod


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Ok. So here's my soapbox speech. To those that are gonna cry about something else related to the swappables: there are still a ton of people out there that love the swappables. I've introduced more people with my FT Flyer than anything else, so please be nice. Ok off the soapbox.

So I didn't think this was worthy of an article but I still wanted people to use this if needed. I love having it for all the swappables especially the delta as it saves the trailing edges of the elevons. Here's a step by step in order to get anyone on their way.

Here's a layout that I drew up so people would get the basic idea with all the measurements.
Tail Skid.jpg

I used the same gauge wire that you get with your swappable kits for the landing gear.
Here's what it looks like when you get all done bending it up:
IMAG0178.jpg IMAG0177.jpg

On the inside of the power pod near the tail I used what I had on hand (which happened to be a piece of popsicle stick and some skewers) and glued them down like bracing, 3" in and 1/2" (this is the same technique Bixler uses with the popsicle stick on the planes to tie the zip ties for strength.)

Then placed the tail skid inside and zip tied it down.
IMAG0180.jpg IMAG0182.jpg

That's it! I like the split leg setup cause it allows it to act like independent shocks but you could make this all one piece.
Here's what it looks like on the plane.
IMAG0184.jpg IMAG0183.jpg

I really hope this helps some people out there. Have a great day!


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This is great! I can't rate threads (probably due to my low post count) but definitely very cool. How much does it throw off the CG?


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Actually didnt throw off the cg on my delta at all. its maybe what 1-1.5 oz of wire if that so shouldnt be a problem. if it is move our battery forward a 1/4" and i'd bet it solve that problem.


Very cool. I just build my FT Delta and test flew it today. Didn't put the gear on it, since my motor is old Rimfire 22m-1000kv and weighs 42 grams. I need to build a skid like this for my other planes. Thanks for the idea!