1. BSquared18

    A Weighty Question about Batteries for Swappables

    Hi, I'm planning to build swappable models for my wife and myself. I have a few hours total flying time on my Horizon Super Cub S and Radian UMX powered glider. My wife hasn't flown an actual plane yet but is practicing with the Phoenix flight-sim Nutball. Based on what I've read, I'll...
  2. W

    Can you make the swappables with HK foam

    In australia you cant get the dollar tree foam board, so this is the best alternative. When watching the build videos it seems like the designs rely on the paper backing, which I do not believe the hobbyking foam has. Is it then possible to make the designs with it? Link...
  3. S

    Avro Vulcan

    I may be late to the party here but have you guys ever designed or built an Avro Vulcan for the mini or swappables range? If you made a Vulcan the same size as the mini warbirds/ F22 I would buy one in a heartbeat. It was such a shame to see it go out of service earlier this year and it would...
  4. K

    Motor suggestions for 3s 2200mah pack + free plans planes?

    Hello there, first of all thanks for yout time on reading this post! I'm going for my 4th FT build already (1/3 still flying ;)!) and since I dont know much about e-motors specifications and brands I always try to follow the FT guides but due to the airfield I got and the kind of materials I...
  5. Habakkukk

    Ft Racer powered by NTM EF1 pylon motor on 4s

    Hello! I'm new to Flite Test forums and really to the hobby in general(began flying back in February). I saw a thread a couple weeks ago asking about a good 4s setup for the ft racer and the NTM ef1 from hobby king came up. Well as it happens, about a month ago I mounted one to my own ft racer...
  6. A

    need help

    hey guy well here is the deal i got the apprentice rtf with safe i was doing some crazy flying and well blew my plane to bits at full speed into a roof...lol well all the gut are great here is my question can i take the 3 pieces of foam board and the guts from my apprentice and make a swapable...
  7. bgfireguy92

    Swappables Tail Skid Mod

    Ok. So here's my soapbox speech. To those that are gonna cry about something else related to the swappables: there are still a ton of people out there that love the swappables. I've introduced more people with my FT Flyer than anything else, so please be nice. Ok off the soapbox. So I didn't...
  8. J

    Baby Blender v2 help

    I have recently built a baby blender. I have a 1000kv tunigy motor and a 30 amp esc swinging a 8045 prop. I can not get it in the air, every time in gets about a foot in the air then fall out. I don't know whats wrong. Any help would be very helpful. Thanks Jace
  9. artapplewhite

    My swappable fleet so far.....

    I'm just getting started in R/C but here are the FliteTest swappables I've build so far. The Nutball (front), the Delta (right) and the Flyer (back). I've also built the RC-Help Trainer V3.1 (Not pictured). I used Elmer's Foamboard for the builds because that's what I had at the time. I got...
  10. P

    A Collaborative STOL

    I need Help to do a finished plan for one STOL 701 Swappable! I already start a draw and it is on 3D warehouse for skechtup: http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=95fd35296359d90c12d89baf9b32f373&prevstart=0 I´m thinking it will be better to keep all servos in cockpit space...
  11. R

    Fun with colour packing tape FT3D

    Thanks for the great plans and inspiration.
  12. knife-edge

    Swapable's Batteries

    I have recently decided to start building the swapables with the beef setup. I have the esc, motor, servos, and everything else but the battery. After looking at both the spitfire and baby blender build pages, I notice that the recommended battery is a 1300mah 4s, however when looking at the...