Switching from Clean Flight to Beta Flight


Hi Guys I have a Naze32 Rev 5 in my quad and have just swtiched from Clean Flight to Beta Flight.

Any setup tricks or tips?


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Not sure if there is any setup tips besides going through it like you did with regular Cleanflight; PIDs, expo, rates, etc. The real improvement in the flying should be from the core of the code itself, not from any settings you should set. Have fun, I've heard very good things about flying with betaflight.


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Betaflight is very good for so called "experimental" firmware. There have been a few bugs, but nothing major in my experience. The Naze32 Betaflight firmware has been one of the more stable ones too.

I've converted everything I have from Cleanflight to Betaflight firmware. Betaflight has much better PID controller code and it flies a lot smoother and usually requires less tuning when compared to the Cleanflight firmware.

Also keep in mind that you still use Cleanflight as your software configurator with Betaflight, so all the menus and settings work in the same manner. Betaflight is just the portion that is loaded on the flight controller.