beta flight

  1. B

    HELP! Betaflight Uneven Throttle Response!!

    I got some problem when using Betaflight and trying receiver, I am not sure how to fix them😭. First, when I toggle the left stick, the throttler raise so quickly to the limit I set and then become uneven after a while,they coub not even turn off! how can I let it raise up slowly, smoothly and...
  2. GParr

    Motors won't move and receiver won't connect to flight controller.

    I have been trying to finish up my first quad build. I have wired everything up according to the speedy bee f7 manual and gotten the flight controller connected in Beta flight. I have been trying to setup my receiver and ESCs/motors. Receiver I have gotten the receiver to bind with my...
  3. J

    Help! Anybody Know How To Keep PWM Settings?

    So I was trying to program my flight controller in betaflight today and when I was trying to change the Receiver (in configuration) to PWM, I would hit save and reboot but when it rebooted it changed back to PPM. Does anyone know how to solve this?
  4. D

    FT Gremlin Programming Issue

    Hello! Just bought a new gremlin and assembled it and flashed it with beta flight following the old flight test video... And everything was going great until the receiver section. For some reason, it just won't contact or recognize the receiver! It may be the ports or something (First time using...
  5. ItMightFly

    Looking For FC

    Hey guys! So I have (on accident) bought a SPRacing F3 clone board, and it is very unreliable, very... Ive been looking around the web for a cheap, but realiable, Beta-flight board. I have found a bunch, but very few support Spektrum. The one I found...
  6. W

    receiver mode in beta flight won't work

    OK to start off with, im a new drone builder and got a x:bolt 250 for Christmas and decided to put it together. I was very meticulous in the soldering and putting it together to make sure everything was done correctly, so finally, i was able to begin programing the flight controller! i plugged...
  7. D

    Switching from Clean Flight to Beta Flight

    Hi Guys I have a Naze32 Rev 5 in my quad and have just swtiched from Clean Flight to Beta Flight. Any setup tricks or tips?