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Take off and landing.

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
How about a show about taxiing, taking off and landing.

Tail draggers are prone to tipping over on take off and taxiing resulting in broken props. Little things like surging the throttle to get moving and holding up elevator while taxiing would help newbs quite a lot.

Lining up into the wind is great but if you are taking off from wheels you don't always have that option. A few tips or things to look out for when lifting off with a cross wind would be good.

Belly landing in grass is easy. Landing on wheels not so much. A lot of things can go wrong even without a cross wind. I think hitting on some of these would really help. ie.

Working throttle and elevator to get into a slight high alpha to slow it way down and shorten the distance required.
Holding up elevator after touch down to keep the tail down and avoid nose overs.
Using throttle to set your rate of descent instead of pushing the nose over. (keeps speed down to shorten required landing distance)
Using rudder to keep the wings level while correcting for a cross wind.
If you're really good, do some slipping.