Help! Taranis/multi-module +inductrix Pro


I have flown my inductrix Pro with a Spectrum radio, but now switched to Taranis. I have the multi-module installed and OpenTX updated

I know the inductrix Pro needs 6 channels: 4 for TAER
5 for flight-mode and 6 for arming.

I have tried over and iver, searched on the net .. but seem not able to link/arm the inductrix Pro

Sometimes my Taranis seems to link but arming the MC does not happen.

I have linked two switches on the Taranis on Ch 5 and 6 but ...

Can anyone point me out to correct ...
Protocol to use/choose in multi-module for the inductrix Pro? Is it DSM2 or DSMX, 22 or 11 ...?

How to arm the inductrix?

Big thx!