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Taranis QX7 not connecting to computer

Hi, I've recently bought a QX7 in hopes to use it with a sim but it has recently not been recognised by the computer. I had it working the first time but now it just won't want to connect. I'm new to fpv and RC so a lot of the info I could find was quite confusing. if anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated.


Wake up! Time to fly!
Did you by chance use a different cable then the first time? If you are like most of us you have a bajillion usb cables laying around. Some are only meant for charging and only have 2 wires not 4.

If that is not the case and you know you used the same cable then its possible specially if you are on win 10 that the drivers got broken. Impulserc made a driver fixer tool for connection issues to flight controllers we use in quads. I dont see any reason it wouldnt reconnect your radio as well.

The only other thing is if you were in the companion software and set the usb as a mass storage device and not a joystick.