Help! Taranis QX7S with Spectrum AS3X Receiver?


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Does anyone know what's the best solution to bind a Taranis to a spektrum receiver in 2022? I've been flying quads for a couple years now and love my Taranis but I was thinking about getting back into flying airplanes. All the airplanes that I have, have spectrum receivers including my night vapor which I would love to fly with this transmitter. After some research I found this product OrangeRX JR DSMX/2 transmitter module. Just wondering if this is still the best solution since this came out a while ago? I have a TBS crossfire micro currently but I doubt there's any way to bind that to an AS3X Receiver. Just would like some modern solutions since other solutions seem to be from a while ago.



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As far as I know if you do not have the built in multi module your only choice is an external like you mentioned.