TaranisQ X7 and Lemon RX


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Greetings, I recently finished my first build! I got the F pack radial (motor, servos, etc) and the lemon RX Dsmp both from the Flite test shop. I then bought a TaranisQ X7 from Amazon off a friend's recommendation. I looked briefly and found no glaring compatibility issues, however, I can not get the controller to pair to the receiver. I have tried Internal RF on ACCST D16 and ACCESS (binding as Rec1) neither worked. I then tried External RF starting with PPM (at 22.5ms and 300u) then tried DSM2-LP45, DSM2-DSM2, and DSM2-DSMX none of which have worked. each time I tried I would start the bind on the controller and then move the receiver far away and closer, but still nothing. My questions are....

A) If something is glaringly obvious to someone who knows what there doing please let me know?
B) Do I need to just suck it up and buy the Taranis equivalent receiver?
C) Do I need to buy the lemon RX plug and go adapter?

I also saw mentions of a "Taranis + Orange"?