Taz chase footage


Wake up! Time to fly!
Here is my first chance to interact with other rc vehicles and people in my area.

Some friends recently got into rc trucks so we made it a family day. Unfortunetly the day was plagued with small issues and the boys ran their packs down and got them recharging before we got set up and running at the same time.

This is Taz last flight and was on a 4s pack because I clipped an esc wire on my Alien. About 5 minutes after this flight one of my motors smoked as soon as I plugged in the 5s pack I have been flying it on for near a year now.

Bills Law in full force that day for sure.



Wake up! Time to fly!
Thanks Sean.

Thats actually a semi V. The model in a 1986 Washburn RR 11V modeled after Randy Rhoads Jackson guitar.

Brian May of Queen used the 1987 model in the video " Who Wants to Live Forever".

I wrote Washburn when it turned 25 to see if the could restore it with original paint and they wrote back they did not have time for just a paint job.

So as a big happy finger to them I redid it with inverse colors of the 1987 model since I will never willingly let it go.

Still sounds and plays great for a 32 year old axe.

Edit: oops.. it was "Princes of the Universe" video
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