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Tensor 4D


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Inspired by @buzzbomb and the folks building a profile 3D plane over in this thread (https://forum.flitetest.com/index.p...al-flying-with-a-two-dimensional-plane.60246/), I happened to come across the 4D Tensor on rcgroups which was a copy of an older horizon hobby plane.

Original plans can be found at:

I decided to shrink the plans so the entire wing could be cut out of a one sheet of DTFB. I ended up using ~28" wingspan which enabled the fuse to fit on one sheet as well. Adjusted the few slots for 3/16" DTFB and it was a very quick build. 1100kv motor with a 10x4.7 prop and 3 9g servos.



PDF plans attached below.


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Maiden posted, if anyone wants to build and has questions, let me know. Need to fly it a little more as I noticed creases on the top wing after two flights today. May need to double up the top wing or perhaps a KFM.


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That doesn't fly to bad mate. Nice job. Has a very interesting structural look to it. Simple yet vividly 3d with its lines. You could probably build in some illusions with proper airbrush shading to make it look all warped
Yep, going to fly it a few more times to see if the single thickness wings hold up. I think the answer is no :eek:

I am thinking of a KFM style top and bottom wing with a doubler for the vertical connections. If I do that I’ll go bigger and perhaps use the FT3d fuse over the current profile layout...


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Started the build of v2. FT3d fuse with some tweaks. KFM top/bottom wing and using the tail feathers from the FT3d too because they looked nicer. Hoping it’s not too heavy but at least I should fold the wing.