Thank you!


Hey all,

Wanted to give a thanks to everyone who helped me with my brownout/ power loss issues with my first build Mustang.

Getting back into the hobby after a six or seven year hiatus, these issues proved to be a pretty frustrating reentry into the hobby and I was questioning why I even bothered with building my planes.

That said, I replaced my lemon receivers with Spektrum and have had zero issues. I know there's plenty of people out there that have had nothing but great experiences with those receivers, I was just unlucky I guess.

Anyway, since the mustang I have also built the Simple Stick and Storch in the last month. Both fly amazingly well.
I have to say that the Storch is pretty fantastic with a C size radial. As mellow or as crazy a flying experience as you could want. Way more enjoyable than I thought...I was worried I had built a boring plane ;)

After a rough start, I have to say that I finally get all the satisfaction and enjoyment that has built this community.

Thanks again for everyone's help!


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