Power pods or fixed motor mount?


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I put a power pod into my first FT spitfire. It did not make it out:ROFLMAO:. So, I decided to make the scratch build FT models as finished as possible. I began with the FT Mustang. Then I wanted to make the Mustang look like a finished model & had a Parkzone (Pkz) BL Mustang hanging from my ceiling. I found that the FT Mustang is the same wingspan as the Parkzone (Pkz) original P-51 and their BL P-5. So parts from models with same wingspan will fit. Then I wanted to make the Mustang look like a finished model. I found Pkz cowlings & exhaust stacks, spinners, props, and had a surviving canopy from the original Pkz Mustang. The scale pilot was from Dollar Store wrestling figure painted & added vest. I only had to cut the fuse plans and widen to fit the cowling and the canopy. Easy-peasy. I then copied the scale Mustang wing shape from the Pkz. I did this with the Spitfire also, & obtained the Pkz parts. The video is on youtube:


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