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The Aladin Flying Carpet Challenge

We have all seen the movie Aladin with Robin Williams, that awesome flying and fighting carpet, well, is it possible to make a real Persian Carpet Fly? Now, they might be pricey and all other things, so use a fake Persian Carpet or something similar, so it looks like the real thing, how would it fly? what would make it fly in real life? In the many versions of Aladin, it does hover, but that is not flying, in the Disney version it flew above the clouds. So study it Flite Test, figure how and good luck.



Drinker of coffee, Maker of things
I dont think it would be too hard. There are lots of "flying rectangle" builds out there. The main issue with this shape of wing is the extremely forward cg. Most configurations are in a tractor (motor in front) and as much weight forward with elevon controls in back. than it would be simply making it look like a carpet with a 2d pilot on top.
@thenated0g the flying door is a good model, but it will be the long way when flying, either carbon fiber rods or something to make it stable and to steer it, the carpet part that folded up in flight, they grabbed it and then steer it by turning left or right.