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The better motor mount

Tim Hoyer

Watch This!!!!!
Plastic is fine, don't get me wrong, but......

When you have the desire to go the "extra mile" to further Anything in this fantastic sport be it a new motor design, bomb drops, FPV you want to have the chance to share it. Well boys and girls, this is one of those chances.

1 piece billet aluminum CNC cut, media blasted, and powdercoated. Made in the backyard on an Acra CNC mill.


Tim Hoyer

Watch This!!!!!
actually they were made as a direct replacement for the parkzone birds and turnigy upgrades. We've been selling the snot out of them for the past 3.5 years.


Got Lobstah?
Site Moderator
My simple "poor man's" motor mounts, pine.

I just made these so that I could glue something substantial to the foam I use that would also hold my motor. So far so good.

Picture 1.jpg Picture 2.jpg Picture 3.jpg