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The finished (I think) FT Wing

I started on it last night and finished it tonight. I'm determined to use up that stupid tape I bought so I plastered it all over this poor little ship. :applause: I've still got a lot to learn about building planes. Some I'm good at ... others? ... Ok so I'm so so. But I uploaded these pics to get an opinion. On one of the pics notice the battery has to be mounted on the back to get COG to work. And it's still a tad nose heavy. I think it's because I mounted my electrics too close up front.



Ill give you a 90 on style points :) What Kv is the motor you have on it, as it stands now if your propped right it looks FAST. You'll need the colors to keep up with it lol


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I complained to Chad about it, he sent me a form letter reply.

Now stop trying to take the thread off topic... we're sticklers for that sort of thing around here, and I have the power to change your avatar to a carebear related image too.
Going back to my corner now, carry on. Russ have I mentioned what a great job you did on your plane??
Thanks for the nice comments guys. No two ways about it. It ought to stick out like a sore thumb. Hmmmm ... I wonder how one of these in a 6' wing span would work out? :black_eyed: <------duckin' and runnin'. ;)